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... include spending hours introducing myself to Team Fortress 2 porn.

Also: scooping up the actual game during Steam's Halloween sale and then spending hours practicing offline, becoming well seasoned in ways to die horribly. So far I do best as an Engineer, but that'll probably change if I ever go up against humans with better strategy than CHARGE BLINDLY INTO SENTRY GUN AND LET ME DOMINATE EVERYONE FOR ONCE. I can tell myself to put off that venture at least until Thanksgiving, because the college Internet is somewhat erratic compared to the WiFi at home and I'm incompetent enough without that on top of it to make my chosen victims team detest me even more.

Also: imagining an OWOD crossover in which RED and BLU smash into Pentex at high speeds. It can keep company with the OWOD/Death Note bunny wherein shadowy global conspiracies smash into L at high speeds.

Also: imagining which werewolf tribes would best match each TF2 class. So far I've got Bone Gnawer-Scout, Fianna-Demoman, Glass Walker-Engineer, Shadow Lord-Spy, Silent Strider-Sniper (good reason to live in a van), and Get of Fenris-Soldier (good reason to keep killing Nazis for years postwar).

Also: trying to mentally choreograph my own Meet the Team videos.
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... and I also read porn for the story. No, really. You can stop laughing now.

Now we'll see if I can start you up laughing again. Spoilerness for the main series )

Spoilers for Another Note )
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Pointless tidbit of the day: When I was a kid and scouting out information for my school-assigned autobiography, my parents told me, among other things, that I was born later than scheduled (by less than a week, as it turned out, so not medically late) and joked it was because I didn't want to be a Halloween baby. Perhaps I was a psychic fetus and didn't want to set off any future delusions.

... as it is, I have to settle for the fifth of November.

(Can you spot the Death Note trivia semi-relevance? Huh? Huh?)

(ETA: And I thought of myself as a Pisces ever since I knew what they were. I kept nodding along with the descriptions of them in the astrology books, even the less flattering ones. When I finally did up my own star chart I was bitterly disappointed)

Now for a couple of crackdrabbles of "Remembered Realms meets selected bits of Death Note," to try and get it out of my system (though introductory psych tells me that venting, for example violence, makes it worse. Eh, anyway). Quasi-spoilers.


Kiira and Veldrin pinch-hit for L and Light, circa episode 12 )


Double drabble featuring Red Knight incarnation versus Cyricarnation, who in the regular 'verse are coming soon (for a given definition of soon) to a fanfic near you. Language )

This is my own fault

Wednesday, 12 March 2008 02:44 pm
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Kiira is a perfectly legitimate elven word, and I still think it makes for an okay nickname on its own, but now I can't stop imagining them all toting Death Notes (in which case Nathshalee is actually lucky everyone forgot her preincarnation's name).

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