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Recettalia (Recettear/Hetalia)

A while after Feliciano Vargas's grandfather vanishes on a would-be heroic quest, leaving massive debt in his wake, a strict and repressed fairy loan shark named Ludwig (Tear) turns up and helps Feliciano (Recette) open an item shop to raise the money to pay off the debt and keep his house while Feliciano makes various adorable noises. They are aided first by either Ivan the bescarfed northerner or Alfred the cheerful would-be hero with money management issues and a constant yen for food (Louie). Other adventurers include Arthur the surly child wizard (Caillou) and Erzsebet the lady thief who coos over Feliciano and questions Ludwig about the true nature of their relationship (Charme).

Alternately, Liechtenstein and Switzerland can play Recette and Tear. Poland is superficially similar to Euria but that probably brings an even bigger raft of Unfortunate Implications.

Inglourious Gauru (Inglourious Basterds/Werewolf: the Apocalypse)

During World War II, a group of Jewish-American werewolves Umbra-hop behind enemy lines to put the fear of Gaia in some rogue Get of Fenris. Gore and guts ensue. I would probably have more to say about this one except I've never actually watched the movie.

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