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Title: Not the Fall that Kills You
Fandom: DC Comics (The Flash and Batman)
Rating: R
Summary: The continuing adventures of Batfamily!Trickster. The series of events our Earth knows as The Killing Joke goes off the rails, but the Joker doesn’t give up that easily.
Word Count: ~4500
Additional Notes and Warnings: Sexualized creepiness and violence. General creepiness and violence. Seriously awful jokes. Desecration of a comics classic. Flagrant abuse of allusion in general. Nobody is in a wheelchair at the end.

Okay, I admit it, there’s no actual continuity-based reason Dick Grayson and James Jesse trading places should make things as Lighter and Softer as they’re turning out the more I write in this ‘verse (I’m sure there are areas where the switch made things worse than in canon – I haven’t written them, though, aside from Golden Glider’s visit to the ER). The feeble handwave I’m using in this case is that apparently one of the pre-reboot in-verse explanations for why Barbara Gordon hasn’t been cured while multiple other characters have bounced back from even worse is because she refuses the magic and super-tech on offer, thinking it’s unfair to the general population that doesn’t have access. In this ‘verse, James lacks her rigorous moral principles.

Anyhow, here goes. Hope I didn’t fail too hard.

James strategically retreated to answer the door, buying himself a few seconds to spin an explanation that didn't involve any references to Lizzie Borden (hey, Borden rhymed with Gordon!) or hacking or parricide )
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Title: Where Does He Get All Those Wonderful Toys?
Fandom: DC Comics (The Flash and Batman)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Haley’s Circus hires the Flying Jesses instead of the Flying Graysons, and Batman takes a different orphaned boy under his wing.
Word Count: ~3700
Author's Notes and Warnings: I guess when you get together as many characters are there are in the DCU, backstory overlap is inevitable. I took this particular similarity and ran. Contains child endangerment, sexual crudity, liberties with the timeline, use of “crazy” as a pejorative, and terrible jokes.

Everybody knows James Jesse is afraid of heights )

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