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While kicking back after final exams and virus mayhem, I realized I haven't crossposted this fic here yet. Have at!

ETA: Edited both sections together to take advantage of Dreamwidth's posting capacity.

Title: The Celebrated and the Rehabilitated
Section: Part I: How We Got Here
Fandom: DC Animated Universe
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Post-"A Better World." The Justice Lords have vanished, but the regime they've set in place hasn't. Lisa Snart, Axel Walker, Owen Mercer, Alvin Desmond and Evan McCulloch are part of a new generation of Rogues doing their best to save the world and save their loved ones. Wait, what?
Word Count: ~14800
Notes and Warnings: Beta read by [livejournal.com profile] xcoffeespoonx. Many thanks!

I'd say I've gone full circle on this one, but I'd like to think I've still got a lot more distance to cover. See, what first got me falling sideways into Flash fandom was browsing through the other work of an author who'd written a Batman fanfic I liked and finding another one about a hapless DCAU Trickster on the run from the Justice Lords. Don't blame them, please.

Contains canon cherrypicking and attempts to patchwork it together, Hollywood lobotomy, psychic infidelity, Superdickery, doucheBattery, F-bombs, unreliable narrators, crack pairings, undue optimism, pretentiousness.

Canon notes )

"If the only reason Flash has to not just jerk the hearts out of these bloodthirsty maniacs is to keep his karma pure, well, that's just not enough. People are reformable, but even more we are all part of the moral ecosystem and you never know from where the next good act may come. We shouldn't judge people with deadly force, because our judgement isn't perfect. We all may need to be saved one day by the Golden Glider." – William Messner-Loebs

Eight days after the last known sighting of the Justice Lords, the Pied Piper returned from Apokolips. )

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