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Typing this before I take up my post at the door with a bag of candy and some reading.

The mask is a hassle and I'm ditching it for candy duty, but since I'm putting this picture online I figured I might as well show you privileged internet-people the complete set.
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It seems like no sooner did I post my previous complaints than Dad came over with a new battery for the camera. Terrible picture-taking to follow up on the terrible sewing ensued.

Reference picture:

My try so far )

One of the buckles keeps sticking up no matter what I do. I think I may resort to tape.

Also I found a hat on Amazon that looks about right. Hopefully there'll be no nasty surprises when it arrives.

Larissa debuts

Wednesday, 13 August 2008 07:33 pm
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I sewed a rag doll of Larissa Fariha from Remembered Realms a while ago, adapting some patterns from an old book we had lying around the house, and I recently got hold of a digital camera. So take a gander, if you like.

Cut for size )

The dress is based on the one she wears in chapters eleven and twelve. Not real velvet, alas.

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