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Someone on norsekink exploded at some of my favorite twisty-tropes and summarily forbade argument, which seems a little like screaming condemnation in the middle of a square and expecting nobody to say a word about it. In respect to their wishes, I will passively-aggressively have a little explosion of BIASED FUCKING VENTING over here instead.

-I wanted to like Sif in the film, but my respect for her plummeted when she promptly dismissed "A guy who brains people with his giant hammer because they called him a name and charges off starting wars is not the guy you want in charge and maybe he could use a goddamn timeout" as OH LOKI'S JUST JEALOUS.

-No comment on Odin's overall "A+ parenting," but he definitely flunks the course on Things Not To Say To Your Unstable Kid When Suicide Is One Open Hand Away.

-When faced with a story of three children who are hated for their appearance and preemptively exiled and/or life-sentenced because of what they haven't even tried to do yet, in this day and age it is perfectly reasonable to suppose they weren't as evil as all that.

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