Thursday, 10 May 2012

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Title: Hatred and Treachery Tyrson
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe (Thor) with dashes of mythology and comics canon.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count:: ~7000
Summary: For this prompt on Norsekink, in which Fenrir is impregnated by eating Tyr's hand and Loki demands a shotgun wedding.
Notes and Warnings: Contains mpreg, forced genderbending, the mental equivalent of teenage pregnancy, dubiously consensual marriage, allusions to parent-child incest (none of the latter three with actual sex), Odin engaging in A+ grandparenting.

Fenrir and Tyr's relationship is inspired by Villy Sorensen's take in The Downfall of the Gods. A Finnish name shows up in Asgard due to Finland's proximity to Viking stomping grounds and as homage to its particular mythological tradition of being knocked up by eating random shit. Takes the "everyone-loves-Balder" thing to one of its logical conclusions. ETA: Tyr's parentage is partly derived from the poem Hymiskvida, in which his father is the Jotun Hymir and he sets off with Thor to borrow his Jotun-size cauldron for a party.

So it came to pass that Fenrir Lokason, indisputably the most famous wolf on Asgard for reasons other than he'd been given to expect, found he had one further thing in common with his father. )

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