Recurring teamups

Saturday, 7 April 2012 06:25 pm
teakay: (I triumphed unfairly most fairly!)
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A combination of my ficverses (published and not), canon, fanon, and headcanon from various fandoms. Not always entirely accurate.

X: I am a smoking hot sex literal god. I am crafty and sneaky but also have charisma and style. I make some pretty good points that the Good Guys overlook but I am also kind of a Chaotic Evil douchebag. Daddy always loved my sibling of unspecified gender and birth order more. Whatever the gender and birth order, I think they're a stupid meathead. You may grovel now.
Y: I'm not stupid, but my preferred method of conflict resolution is biting people in the face and I am very good at that. I am broody and lonely because hardly anyone comes near me for reasons of varying justifiability. I used to go around doing my own thing and not really hurting anyone but now due to the actions of either Our Alleged Heroes or Our Other Villains I am a raging homicidal maniac.
X: I can't believe that's my son.
Y: I can't believe that's my father.

A: Hi! I am the Chosen One, Our Hero, the Future King, and I believe in me! I am generally goodhearted and mean for the best. I look great in a portrait and do an awesome royal wave and I have a wonderfully engaging personality, so if the peasants ever storm the palace gates it won't be because of that. Watch me blithely traipse off into another adventure!
B: (facepalm) Excuse me, I'm going to trail in his wake and do the practical if underhanded thing when he's not looking and stop him from charging off into a poorly-concealed pit of spikes because I actually kind of like him and want him to do his best with what he has. Too bad everyone assumes I'm going to grow up to be the Evil Chancellor.

N: I am a wide-eyed fresh-faced newbie in way over my head.
Z: I am savvy and streetwise.
N and Z: One of us is taken prisoner and expecting unspeakable torture.
N and Z: Now let us debate.
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