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2013-07-27 04:45 pm
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Horrible personal portmanteau of the day: Anders/Friendmancing Hawke=Anderfawkes.
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2013-03-30 09:47 am

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Have acquired paid hours for my internship. Just have to restrain myself from blowing it all on lunches.

In my spare time, still drifting in a vortex of Dragon Age. Somehow, while I still haven't gotten back to work on Remembered Realms, I've taken the time to decide that if the games were to meander through a dimensional rift Veldrin would be a raging Anders fanboy.
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2013-02-15 11:13 am
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Finished up Dragon Age: Origins with a Surana who Spoilers if you care? )

Started an unpaid internship with my mom's yoga buddy's tax prep company. So far lots of scanning and staple-removing and restapling and rescuing jammed papers when I neglect the staples.
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2013-01-08 12:46 pm

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Nonsensical mental image of the day: Australian drow, from very far Down Under, descended from exiled [Crown] war criminals.

Cash gifts from relatives this Christmas were enough to fill my fund for a new desktop with gaming-appropriate specs and a much larger hard drive, plus a new external drive for the correspondingly larger backups. It's going well so far, though as petty troubles go I haven't yet gotten quite used to typing on the regular-sized keyboard and it feels kind of strange pushing the power button to wake it up when it goes into deep-sleep mode.
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2012-12-23 05:04 pm

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At this point I could get a copy of Dragon Age 2 for less than a restaurant meal but I'm still mulling it over. All I've heard about Fenris and Anders smashes my buttons with a sledgehammer and I'm liking Origins so far, but the rest I hear of it... well, it sounds like NWN2's endings to the nth power and I don't think I'm in the mood to pay and play for the privilege of feeling helpless.
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2012-12-14 05:26 pm

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Took my final-final exam for my AS in Accounting yesterday (unless of course I flunked it, which is not quite as unlikely as I'd like) and am working Craigslist into my daily routine. Intending to send out fleets of resumes, or perhaps solitary boats depending on how many fall into the Experience Paradox.

In recent weeks, finally started playing the Neverwinter Nights 2 package I got in a Steam sale. Nearing endgame of Storm of Zehir. Played a little bit of the original campaign with a half-drow sorcerer, then started over with a full-drow favored soul. Recently learned that the half-drow option was introduced in the expansion, which explains why now I'm finally getting dialogue like "AAAHHH DROW oh wait it's just you." I don't know how long I'll be chugging along on that. Judging from spoilers, the endings of both the original and Mask of the Betrayer do not sound like ones I'd be particularly eager to see.

In somewhat related news: paged through old debate between posts of a Let's Play on the ethics of the Wall of the Faithless. One particular poster kept insisting that Realmsian atheists were idiots who deserved to dissipate in agony and Super Overgod Ao made the rules so you're not allowed to say the rules are rubbish. Then it came out that they're one of those religious types who thinks about the same thing of real life atheists. Yeah, well, screw you too.
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2012-11-10 01:38 am

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Remembered Realms continues to spin in new and not unwelcome directions. Highlights of today's wordcount include Tarlyn trolling Mayae, plus Veldrin absolutely losing his shit due in part to a truly massive post-traumatic flashback.

I just hope I myself can retain enough presence of mind to keep up with my Adult Responsibilities as well.
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2012-10-30 09:22 am

Sample flavor quotes

A bunch of pre-chapter quotes I've devised for Remembered Realms; you may notice a lot of them have the same subject. Might as well put them out here, since I doubt I can use them all in any case.

Sadly, we lack your impressive martial history. In keeping with our faith, we have resorted to stealing some. )
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2012-10-28 09:11 am

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If I ever get the gang out of Waterdeep, their next stop is likely going to be Eryndlyn. I've been writing background accordingly, which includes historical fluff like the warriors of the western plateau defenestrating priestesses of Lolth after their magic leaves again (in a post-magical world, the former has an unexpected advantage due to having swords and knowing how to use them). Maybe I'm overdoing it with the mutual-benefit cooperation and inspirationality and also Q'arlynd's youngest son stealing the Crescent Blade. We'll see.
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2012-10-21 11:34 pm
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[Songfic] Officer Helm

Title:: Officer Helm
Fandom: Forgotten Realms
Summary: Cyric, Iyachtu Xvim, Selvetarm, and Vhaeraun air their Issues.

Notes and Warnings: This is a songfic of West Side Story's "Officer Krupke" that I wrote a few years back. It's a scriptfic as well, so I didn't want to risk posting it on fanfiction.net. Instead I put it on a webhost which has since gone down. I'm reposting it with a couple tweaks. Hope someone enjoys!

Dear kindly Tyr, your Honor/My parents treat me rough/With all their divine power/They won't give me a puff )
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2012-10-21 02:34 pm

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My initial feverish burst of keyboard-pounding for Remembered Realms has died down, but I'm still chugging merrily along for the nonce. Trying to resist the temptation to shoehorn in all my homebrewed lore. There are flavor quotes I'm dying to reach a relevant chapter for.

Veldrin and Tarlyn are getting a lot chummier than I initially expected. Mayae's scheduled to join the melee pretty soon, Nathshalee not long after, so if I can choreograph properly things will get interesting (And Vhaeraun will accuse Eilistraee of throwing him off the Bifrost).
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2012-10-12 01:46 pm

[Fic] The Hall of Broken Mirrors: Walls and Woes

Title: Walls and Woes
Fandom: Forgotten Realms
Rating: PG
Word Count:~1200
Summary: In a world where evil is good and lawful is chaotic, Jergal is a mooch and Kelemvor Lyonsbane does what he wants.

Notes and Warnings: Part of the bizarro-verse I hope to write more in. Game-stats wise, Kelemvor and Jergal are Chaotic Neutral, Cyric is Lawful Good, Mystra is Neutral Evil, and Shar is Neutral Good (as was Myrkul).

Contains shameless irreverence and playing fast-and-loose with cosmology.

What is that wall doing here, anyway? )
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2012-10-09 06:08 pm

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Yesterday was suddenly bitten again by the Old School Forgotten Realms bug, and have spent my spare time since in a frenzy of reading and writing. Hopefully I'll get something out of it that someone else can enjoy.

Cut for chatter )
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2012-06-03 05:13 pm

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The prices for Flash hoodies are insane. You'd think that for sixty bucks they could at least include some lightning-bolt earpieces.
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2012-06-01 09:01 pm
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I have a lot of feelings

Someone on norsekink exploded at some of my favorite twisty-tropes and summarily forbade argument, which seems a little like screaming condemnation in the middle of a square and expecting nobody to say a word about it. In respect to their wishes, I will passively-aggressively have a little explosion of BIASED FUCKING VENTING over here instead.

-I wanted to like Sif in the film, but my respect for her plummeted when she promptly dismissed "A guy who brains people with his giant hammer because they called him a name and charges off starting wars is not the guy you want in charge and maybe he could use a goddamn timeout" as OH LOKI'S JUST JEALOUS.

-No comment on Odin's overall "A+ parenting," but he definitely flunks the course on Things Not To Say To Your Unstable Kid When Suicide Is One Open Hand Away.

-When faced with a story of three children who are hated for their appearance and preemptively exiled and/or life-sentenced because of what they haven't even tried to do yet, in this day and age it is perfectly reasonable to suppose they weren't as evil as all that.
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2012-05-10 03:59 pm
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Hatred and Treachery Tyrson

Title: Hatred and Treachery Tyrson
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe (Thor) with dashes of mythology and comics canon.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count:: ~7000
Summary: For this prompt on Norsekink, in which Fenrir is impregnated by eating Tyr's hand and Loki demands a shotgun wedding.
Notes and Warnings: Contains mpreg, forced genderbending, the mental equivalent of teenage pregnancy, dubiously consensual marriage, allusions to parent-child incest (none of the latter three with actual sex), Odin engaging in A+ grandparenting.

Fenrir and Tyr's relationship is inspired by Villy Sorensen's take in The Downfall of the Gods. A Finnish name shows up in Asgard due to Finland's proximity to Viking stomping grounds and as homage to its particular mythological tradition of being knocked up by eating random shit. Takes the "everyone-loves-Balder" thing to one of its logical conclusions. ETA: Tyr's parentage is partly derived from the poem Hymiskvida, in which his father is the Jotun Hymir and he sets off with Thor to borrow his Jotun-size cauldron for a party.

So it came to pass that Fenrir Lokason, indisputably the most famous wolf on Asgard for reasons other than he'd been given to expect, found he had one further thing in common with his father. )
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2012-05-05 03:51 pm

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A) Saw The Avengers with my sisters today. Whedon is Whedon as per usual, for good and ill. Personally, found it very worthwhile. Tom Hiddleston neck and neck with Cillian Murphy in personal rankings.

B) Before that, advance-ordered my favorite muffins for takeout at the local cafe, saw they inexplicably had quiche on the breakfast menu for $0.00, and threw one in. Once I showed up they let me actually have it for free (I wonder what would've happened if I ordered five). I hope nobody was fired over it.

C) New short-term goal: writing original-character porn and self-publishing under porn-pseudonym for Kindle, hopefully without getting booted in another round of Amazonfail.
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2012-04-07 06:25 pm
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Recurring teamups

A combination of my ficverses (published and not), canon, fanon, and headcanon from various fandoms. Not always entirely accurate.

X: I am a smoking hot sex literal god. I am crafty and sneaky but also have charisma and style. I make some pretty good points that the Good Guys overlook but I am also kind of a Chaotic Evil douchebag. Daddy always loved my sibling of unspecified gender and birth order more. Whatever the gender and birth order, I think they're a stupid meathead. You may grovel now.
Y: I'm not stupid, but my preferred method of conflict resolution is biting people in the face and I am very good at that. I am broody and lonely because hardly anyone comes near me for reasons of varying justifiability. I used to go around doing my own thing and not really hurting anyone but now due to the actions of either Our Alleged Heroes or Our Other Villains I am a raging homicidal maniac.
X: I can't believe that's my son.
Y: I can't believe that's my father.

A: Hi! I am the Chosen One, Our Hero, the Future King, and I believe in me! I am generally goodhearted and mean for the best. I look great in a portrait and do an awesome royal wave and I have a wonderfully engaging personality, so if the peasants ever storm the palace gates it won't be because of that. Watch me blithely traipse off into another adventure!
B: (facepalm) Excuse me, I'm going to trail in his wake and do the practical if underhanded thing when he's not looking and stop him from charging off into a poorly-concealed pit of spikes because I actually kind of like him and want him to do his best with what he has. Too bad everyone assumes I'm going to grow up to be the Evil Chancellor.

N: I am a wide-eyed fresh-faced newbie in way over my head.
Z: I am savvy and streetwise.
N and Z: One of us is taken prisoner and expecting unspeakable torture.
N and Z: Now let us debate.
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2012-04-04 04:01 pm

Jurying update

Got assigned a courtroom and trial and told to report back tomorrow morning with the rest of the remaining prospectives. Whatever happens, I'll get fifteen-odd bucks out of it. Now to zip my lip.