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Tuesday, 9 October 2012 06:08 pm
teakay: (Propositions)
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Yesterday was suddenly bitten again by the Old School Forgotten Realms bug, and have spent my spare time since in a frenzy of reading and writing. Hopefully I'll get something out of it that someone else can enjoy.

Head is spinning with crack pairings (well, that's nothing new, what with the Selvetarm/Red Knight and so on from days of yore). May even drag Remembered Realms out of storage, because my head is also spinning with all the images I never got around to writing as well as the ones I've thought of since. For example, though it's probably wicked of me: Veldrin Auzkovyn, third-growth masculist and Vhaeraun reincarnate, declaring that there's no such thing as misogyny even if it's a word in the dictionary. More innocuously: Kiira Craulnober pulling the family moonblade and blithely messing with it such that Elaith is spinning in his grave (to start with: hacking the wielding requirements so Veldrin can hold it as his BFF, which eventually inadvertently means that Tarlyn can hold it...).

Also! Resurrecting my dabblings in an alternate universe akin to DC's Earth-3 and other such things, in which morality is swapped around and sometimes divine portfolios with it (sometimes in my wild imaginings I've sent the Remembered Realmsers there so they can WTF). Here, Erevan Ilesere is a paper-pusher, Eilistraee is a graduate of the Torquemada school of redemption, and Shevarash flees his orders to commit genocide right into Shar's loving embrace. Also: One Big Happy Fluffy Drow Pantheonic Family! Except Eilistraee.
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